NFL Lockout Forces Players to Look for a Plan B

chad ochocinco soccerI know you are totally consumed with who is in the Sweet 16, but, right now, I'm really disturbed by what is going on with the NFL lockout -- or, should I say, what is not going on. NFL owners and players have still not agreed on when talks will resume, let alone anything close to an agreement that could save the 2011 NFL season. Yup, our fall football is looking iffy at best. No games, no fantasy teams, no nothing.

We aren't the only ones worried -- no football means no paychecks for players, which have some looking for other ways to make some cash. As my daddy always told me, "Have a Plan B, just in case!" and that's just what some big name football stars are doing.


Example A-number one: Chad Ochocinco. The Cincinnati Bengals' wide receiver (and former Dancing With the Stars contestant) announced he will give it a go as a Major League Soccer player. He's made his soccer love pretty well known and is set to try out with a MLS team, the Sporting Kansas City. Now, the dude hasn't played soccer in a long time, but he's fast, he's in good shape, and, yes, he's good for PR. Can we all say, "GOOOOOAAAALLLLLLL!"?

Chad isn't the first athlete to try and compete professionally in another sport. Michael Jordan played for the Chicago White Sox on their Class A minor league team during his first "retirement." Deion Sanders is the only athlete to play in both the World Series and the Super Bowl. Probably the most famous athlete to play the sports switcheroo would be Bo Jackson, who was named an All-Star for both football and baseball.

What are other pro football guys doing as a Plan B? Will you find Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler behind the barista counter as you order a frappuccino at Starbucks? Will Elvis Dumervil, linebacker for the Denver Broncos, help you find the right shade of white paint at Home Depot? I doubt it, but many are making some calls to the Arena Football League. Smart move, guys, smart move.

Do you have a Plan B for your career?


Image via Jeff Kern/Flickr

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