'Morning After App' Saves You From Drunken Exploits

morning after appEver notice how after two glasses of wine, your friend gets a little chatty? Ever notice how after four glasses of wine, your friend tweets her life story, uploads Facebook photos of her cleavage, and comments "LAME-O" on her mother-in-law's status? Well, now there's an app for that. Introducing "Last Night Never Happened: The Morning After App."

It's the do-over we social-media-happy drinkers have been waiting for. A clean slate that will erase the fear and loathing after a long night out. A carte-blanche on life. Here's how it works:


Download the app from iTunes for $1.99. Look at the cute little bird with a Band-Aid over his mouth. Come on! It is so cute and so appropriate. It makes your transgressions seem so innocent.

Anyway, the app will let you designate a time period for which it will go through and erase your Facebook comments, updates, and photos, and tweets between the hours you've chosen. If you generally start drinking around 7 p.m. on Friday night, it's probably wise to set the time frame for 9 p.m. Friday to 3 a.m. Saturday.

So that photo of you smushing your face against the bartender's -- gone. That direct message you sent your boss asking for Monday off because this hangover is for sure going to be epic -- gone. That less than flattering comment on your friend's photo of her baby -- gone. It really is a cure-all for those of us who can't keep our mouths shut when we imbibe.

The app will ask you to confirm what you're deleting before going all the way, so if one of your status updates was particularly poignant, you can keep it. But once you hit the "Last Night Never Happened" button, all is gone for good. Thank. God.

What do you think of this morning after app?

Photo via iTunes

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