LEGO March Madness Is Better Than the Real Thing (VIDEO)

LEGO March MadnessThe inconceivable has happened. Someone has improved on March Madness. And no, they're not resurrecting your tattered bracket with some rewind action. They just added the greatest toy of all time -- LEGOs -- to arguably the greatest month in all of college sports!

Ah, the simplicity of the idea. The flipping insane amount of time someone had to spend re-creating the single greatest moments in NCAA Tournament history frame by frame, with little LEGO men and a teeny weeny basketball (which needs to be added to LEGO's "pick a brick" sales section stat)! But the folks at have proven what I've believed since my first box of little bricks as a wee one: everything is better with LEGOs.

Let's roll the videotape!



Prepare for a bit of basketball blasphemy. That might have been better than the real thing. The stop motion animation was spot on. The cheering crowds were fantastic. And I want to take the tiny Chris Webber home with me to comfort. He was just so cute!

Of course I can cover it all up with a little real sports talk: now starts the arguing over what "moments" they chose to include. Duke vs. UK '92 was obvious. And how can you talk March Madness without the Fab Five of Michigan in '93? But Duke in 2010 was a surprise -- does anyone remember how, ahem, crappy they were for a No. 1 seed?

But my heart just isn't in the arguing folks. I'm now far too tempted to blow off my busy game-watching schedule day at work to play with my kid's LEGOs.

What do you think? March Madness with people or March Madness with LEGO figures? Which one hits the sweet spot?


Image via YouTube

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