How March Madness & Vasectomies Go Together

man on couchA clinic in Des Moines, Iowa wants men to enjoy March Madness. Not necessarily because it's good for their health, but because it's good for business. For the second year in a row, the clinic has advertised vasectomy procedures for the Thursday before the Big Dance.

Their ad encourages men to get snipped in order to have a good excuse to sit on the couch for three days and watch 32 games of college basketball, then return to work on Monday. Two birds, one stone.

This just in: no babies have been born in December in Des Moines in the last two years.


OK, not really. But the number of vasectomies is actually kind of high -- the advertisements are clearly working. Last March they performed 107 surgeries; this year they're nearing 130.

The ad reads: "After your vasectomy: Stay on couch. 32 games in two days. Return to work on Monday."

Succinct and to the point. Jessica Grant, the marketing executive at the clinic -- wait, hold the phone. Clinics have marketing executives? Or is this the title she gave to reporters when she's really the girl who answers the phones, makes the appointments, and refills the tissue boxes when they're empty? Regardless, Jessica deserves a raise. The campaign is clever, eye-catching, and provocative -- just what an ad should be.

As you read, there are about 130 men in Iowa siting on their couches, icing down their balls, and watching the first three rounds of the NCAA tournament. Their feet are up, their cups are full, and happiness runneth over. With a lot of upsets yesterday and a lot of drama, they picked a great tournament to get their tubes tied.

If you wanted your husband to get a vasectomy, would you use March Madness to encourage him?

Photo via jencu/Flickr

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