Tiger Woods on 'Jimmy Fallon' Made Me Cringe

tiger woods jimmy fallonJimmy Fallon is such a sweet, easy-going guy. It's actually physically difficult to contain a smile and act stilted or uncomfortable around him. (I know, because I was lucky enough to briefly interview him for his movie Fever Pitch several years ago.) But for some reason, famous sex addict famous pro golfer Tiger Woods acted totally boring and personality-less when he appeared on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night. In his first appearance on late night TV since his watershed sex scandal went down, you'd think Tiger would have tried a little harder, right?

It was just awkward and BAD. Poor Jimmy. He didn't get in Tiger's face like he could have, but he hinted at the scandal in a rather diplomatic way, saying, "It’s been a year and a half since you were on our show … what have you been up to?”

How did Woods respond? “Uh, nothin’. Nothin’. Playin’ bad golf.”

Eeeshh ... cringe.


Woods has been playing REALLY poorly, and he seems more than a little angry/upset/flustered about it. It's like his once beyond-inflated ego is taking a major beating. I can't even believe he ventured into trying out that self-deprecating humor. But I really do think he's miserable.

Uh, as he should be.

After putting his wife and children through that nightmare last year, I don't understand how he can even live with himself. Let alone go on late night TV shows and just sit there trying to do what? Earn back public favor, so he can win back some endorsement deals? If so, last night's appearance on Fallon's show was a dismal -- and likely failed -- attempt ... 

Sorry, Tiger, but one self-deprecating joke and a lot of nodding, forced smiling, discussing your multi-bazillion-dollar bachelor pad, etc. do not a repaired reputation make.

I'm not saying he should have been more nonchalant about any of it, but geez -- he could have acted less like Tiger Woods the Robot. 

Sadly, there really only seems to be one thing we can count on him for right now: Comedy, as Jimmy so humorously explained ...

From a comedian’s standpoint, and my monologue writers’, thank you so much. That was some of the greatest comedy we did ever. I mean, you must have heard every golf joke in history, but that is like a magical thing to happen, your awful pain. And we laughed at your pain, and I mean, not even making jokes -- it kinda wrote itself. I mean, ‘balls,’ ‘shaft,’ ‘holes,’ ‘foursomes.’

Tiger replied, "You got it."

Yup, good to know Tiger's ready and willing to help us out with frat boy humor! Now maybe the best thing he can do for his career is to go on some kind of sabbatical and come back in a year or two. Cuz I suspect that may be his best shot at damage control for his totally busted public image.

Why do you think Tiger went on Jimmy Fallon's show?


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