Creep Uses App to Play Cop & Pull Woman Over

Police carWant to impersonate a police officer? Well, there's an app for that. No, I'm not talking about the Dunkin' Run app that allows you to locate any Dunkin' Donuts near your geographic location. I'm talking about Police light LED, an app that simulates the blue flashing light used on police cars.

Police arrested 20-year-old Alexander Welch after he reportedly pulled over a woman at 9:30 p.m. Saturday using the app on his Verizon cell phone.


After pulling over the woman, Welch simply drove off. Thank goodness. The worried driver called Boise law enforcement, reporting that she was pulled over by a car that didn't look anything like a police cruiser. She then followed the unmarked vehicle until police located the two cars, stopped Welch, and immediately sent the man and his cell phone ... to a jail cell.

Really, I bet the last thing on Welch's mind was that he was committing a felony. In fact, considering he just pulled her over and left the scene without any personal contact -- I would imagine he was just trying to see if the app worked, or impress some friends. Now, he's in Ada County Jail on a charge of unlawful exercise of the function of peace officers.

I'm not sure he deserves to stay in jail though. If my assumptions are right -- then I bet the second they put him in that cell, he learned his lesson. I get it, impersonating a police officer is NOT okay, but this 21-year-old didn't take it any further than turning on his "lights." The bigger importance here is that an example be made of this scenario, and the public be made aware that things like this exist.

What if this app gets into the hands of someone who does have bad intentions? I'm talking about predators here, ladies. A few costume accessories later, and any unsuspecting woman (or man) could be put into serious danger, robbed, kidnapped, or well ... you get the idea. But it's reality. And the unfortunate reality of technology today is that in the right wrong hands, anything's possible.

What do you think about the police light app? Do you think Welch deserves jail time?


Image via davidsonscott15/ Flickr

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