AOL Radio App Assumes People Like the Radio

aol play appIt's been a while since we've heard the phrase "You've Got Mail," but AOL has been chugging away in the tech world, trying to keep up, trying to stay as relevant as they once were back in the '90s when everyone had an AOL account and used AIM. Since acquiring the Huffington Post and laying off 200 American employees, AOL is revamping its image and content, starting with AOL Radio.

If you're wondering why you should care about AOL or even the radio, read on.


They're turning AOL Radio into a music sharing, social media hybrid in which you can share with friends what you're listening to, much like you would update your status on Facebook. It's a music app that has launched with T-Mobile and Android phones -- users can listen to streaming radio, comment on it, "like" it, send it to friends, etc. without having to exit the app.

The app is called "Play" and iPhone users fear not -- it will be ready for you soon. It has cool features like MP3 of the day and right now you can listen to live music streaming from the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas.

I love the concept of sharing music, but I don't think I'd be gung-ho enough about it to really share with friends what I'm listening to. Sharing musical experience, dissing what your friend's listening to, or liking what your boyfriend just downloaded -- is this for the younger kids? I would have relished this app back in high school when finding new artists and new songs was the cool thing to do, but now I'm just a little too lazy to care to share what radio station I built.

AOL and CEO Tim Armstrong are on the fast track to turn the company around, and AOL Radio is just the beginning. I'm sure we'll see major changes in content and technology as the company makes an about-face.

Are you interested in getting the AOL Radio app?

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