March Madness Picks From Celebs for Your NCAA Bracket

ashton kutcher demi moorePresident Barack Obama may have chosen Kansas to go all the way in this year's NCAA tournament, but not every famous basketball fan feels the same. Then again, not every celebrity who has something to say about basketball knows anything about it. 

I'll be honest, I'm not a college basketball fan, but if someone forced me to pick a team who would take it all, I guess I would have to use arbitrary info to come up with a top choice. It seems like lots of celebs are using that very same strategy to declare their top teams in sound bites and tweets. Meanwhile, others just root for the teams from schools they went to.

Here, how some starry, noticeable names likely landed on their #1 March Madness picks ... 


Heidi Klum is wagering a bet. It seems that if the top-seeded teams came on Project Runway, she would say, "Auf wiedersehen!" to every team except ...  Syracuse. Why? "I think orange is the hot color right now, and I love Otto, their mascot!" Go figure, the fashionista is basing her pick on the teams' uniforms. Too funny.

Then there's Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. In 2010, they met with the basketball recruits and two former Iowa players. Because the Hollywood power couple's meet-and-greet appeared to violate the NCAA code, it raised a lot of eyebrows. That's because they're actually considered boosters for the team, so it seems they have a lot riding on Iowa's wins!

Jesse Eisenberg is well-aware of how wise it would have been to place a bet on Facebook going global back in 2003. But as for his NCAA bracket? He's betting on Duke. I guess that unlike his on-screen Mark Zuckerberg persona, he likes to play it safe?

Joe Mantegna, the famous actor who currently stars on Criminal Minds, is also a sports buff. He appears to see eye-to-eye with the President, if only when it comes to his NCAA champ pick, which is Kansas.

Twilight author Stephenie Meyer is probably rooting for BYU, because she's alumni ... and she likely would have agreed with the suspension of the player caught having sex with his girlfriend. You wait to have sex until you're married -- especially if you're a vampire BYU student!

And last but not least, Paul Rudd! The adorable, charming, hilarious I Love You Man and Clueless star also totally must be on Team Obama, because he also went to Kansas.

Now, you can go forth and fill out your bracket based on what these famous people think. Or not.

Who is your favorite celebrity who is also a big sports fan?

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