'The Dating Game' Makes Fun of Facebook Hookups

the dating gameRemember Singled Out? It was HUGE. It was Jenny McCarthy's big TV debut! It was also the '90s version of The Dating Game. I wasn't around to watch The Dating Game, but judging from the clips I've seen and the movie Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (about Dating Game creator Chuck Barris), the mid-'60s/early '70s show was amazingly entertaining!

Well, now the entertainment has entered the 21st century as a game on Facebook! This is what I'm talkin' about! No one REALLY wants to just make milk or buy cows or whatever on FarmVille. (Well, maybe some people do.) But I think, actually, the majority of singles consider Facebook to be a back-up plan to their Match.com accounts. And that's why a free, interactive Dating Game on Facebook is abso-freakin'-lutely brilliant!


Just like the show, a single guy or gal has to choose between three anonymous would-be dates after three rounds of personal Qs. According to USA Today, here's how the game plays out:

Contestants might be asked, "You have created a new perfume. What scent is it and how do you convince me to wear it?" The player whose answers are closest to the main contestant's wins more points than their competitors, as it suggests better compatibility. The top scorer wins a "date" with the bachelor or bachelorette -- virtually speaking, that is.

It's all virtual, actually, which makes it even more "safe" and smart. Instead of being represented by your profile pic, you get an avatar. You become the cartoon version of you.

Even though it may initially seem like the game is just surface-level flirting and not much more, I actually think it could be deeper than that. It could serve as a way for Facebook singles to find themselves a match without that initial layer of superficiality! It's like an online dating masquerade ball of sorts! Ha ha.

But the Qs (delivered in three separate rounds in different categories: personal preferences, word association, and Mad Libs!) are pre-picked and the answers are multiple choice, so you'd probably have to drop game play to get some real answers from other players. There's also the chance that because it's a GAME on Facebook -- and not officially a dating site -- you run the risk of playing against people who aren't actually available-and-looking singles. But, meh, it sounds like fun anyway.

James Kosta, CEO of 3G Studios, the Reno, Nevada-based developer of The Dating Game, elaborates:

I think people will be surprised how much fun the anonymity of the game is, trying to guess who you're playing with. You might learn at the end of the game it's a good friend or perhaps it's someone in the office.

And in turn, the plot line of You've Got Mail ensues. (Awwww!) Well, I guess that's if you're lucky!

Would you play The Dating Game on Facebook?

Image via 3G Studios

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