Technology to Replace Purses, Moms to Rejoice!

nfcThere are a lot of things that cause us stress, and heck, technology can be one of them. But there's a new technological development out there that is really getting me excited. It's going to simplify my life so much, and yours too.

What if I told you that you could leave the house without your wallet, without your keys, and without any sort of identification and you'd be totally fine? Panic about your overflowing and ginormous purse no longer, NFC technology is here.

OK. "NFC" has got to be the worst name for this thing ever, but it stands for "Near Field Communication" and it's basically a way for devices to commicate wirelessly with one another at very, very close range. So how will it help us?


Devices, like our phones, for example, will become NFC-enabled, and so will, well, everything else. That means we'll only have to carry our phones, which will act as our credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, health insurance cards, licenses ... pretty much everything in your wallet except for cash. But really, who carries cash anymore anyway.

Say you want a soda from the vending machine -- place your NFC-enabled phone in front of the NFC-enabled key pad on the machine, and boom, soda. Pay for your groceries with your phone and be on your way. Swipe your phone at the toll booth and through you go. You're getting the gist.

Say good-bye to that sack of keys you carry around with that gimp key chain your kid made for you at summer camp -- doors to apartments, houses, and cars will have NFC technology. Can't you feel your purse getting lighter by the second?

If you love comparison shopping, then you should be especially psyched about NFC. Soon enough you'll be able to swipe your phone in front of that dress at Saks and see if it's on sale anywhere else for a better price, or if that toy truck your son wants is sold for cheaper down the street.

The little chips that will be put on products are so tiny that they can go on anything, really. Prescription pill bottles, price tags, produce ... nearly everything!

Mayor Bloomberg announced recently that New York City will be getting NFC-enabled registers within the next four months. New phones already are NFC-enabled (like the Nexus S) and more and more will be coming out soon -- it's only a matter of time until you can just leave the house with your phone and be totally sufficient. Love it! Now if only we could swipe our phones in front of a dirty diaper ...

Are you excited about NFC capabilities?

Photo via sam_churchill/Flickr

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