Web Browser IE9 Isn't Worth a Click

mouseInternet Explorer 9 is now available for download. The age-old Microsoft Internet browser is in its ninth generation -- feels like just yesterday it turned seven. Anyway, IE9 is what most people would expect from the latest version: it's faster and has some cool new features.

I can sense your excitement from here. But hey, what if IE9 could revolutionize your Internet experience? It could save you time with its speed and keep you extra safe with its new privacy controls.

There are some tech geeks out there who've compared IE9 to Firefox and Chrome, and of course Twitter is abuzz with reviews of the newness. I searched so you don't have to: here are some of the best things I've read on the subject:


Simon Mackie from Gigaom sums up IE9 by giving credit to Microsoft for catching up to the pack, but can't recommend it over Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. That doesn't sound too promising, especially when the only credit you can give a fourth place finisher is that they didn't entirely quit the race.

#IE9 is a trending topic on Twitter and Microsoft says they want everyone to experience a more beautiful web. Here's how the people have responded:

@ShekarGurav says: Trying out #IE9 ... So far quite good ... fast, snappy, and I like the tab pinning feature.

(There's a new feature that lets you pin websites you like to the taskbar.)

@Bryantos says: #IE9 bumped #HelpJapan off the promoted trending topic, further proving Bill Gates is a rich asshole.

@adrianinSF says: I heard the new #IE9 can download Firefox even faster than the last one.

And there you have it folks. The Twitterverse has spoken. Unless you're a die-hard IE fan, you can skip this download.

Anything to say about IE or IE9?

Photo via rodrigo senna/Flickr

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