Your E-mail Address Reveals More Than You Think

iphone gmailIf you're obsessed with Facebook, you're probably an insecure woman. But if you use AOL for e-mail, you're likely a FAT woman. Oh, and this is research-proven. Yup -- now surveys have led to market profiling of people based on what webmail provider they use. It's actually kind of entertaining/hilarious.

Hunch, a web app that "personalizes the Internet by getting to know you and then making recommendations for what you like" (aka a marketing tool for advertisers to target you), surveyed a group of their users to sketch out several webmail stereotypes.

For instance, let's circle back to that whole "AOL means you're fat" finding ...


If you have an e-mail address, you greet strangers with "Age/sex/loc?" and wear Doc Martens. No, just kidding. But Hunch says you're more likely to be overweight between the ages of 35-64, have a high school diploma, be in a relationship of 10+ years, and have children. You probably live in the suburbs and have never traveled outside of the country. This is the best part though: "AOL users are optimistic extroverts who prefer sweet snacks and like working on a team." Hahahaha! How do they KNOW that?!

Gmail users, according to Hunch, are actually most likely to be 18-34, thin, single, politically liberal, college-educated men who don't have any kids and are total techie geeks, meaning they were probably in line for the iPad 2 this past weekend ... while checking their e-mail on their iPhone 4. And snacking on something salty apparently, keeping to themselves (they're introverts). 

I don't think so! I'm a Gmail gal, and only about 60 percent of that applies to me. I also know plenty of Gmail users who are married, have older BlackBerries, and love chocolate, not Cheetos. So, sorry, Hunch, you're slightly off-base with that one.

They also summed up what Hotmail and Yahoo! users are like: Hotmail users are women who didn't go to college and like sweet snacks! Yahoo! users are overweight and not very well-traveled ... but I'm not buying it. You could easily do a survey of a random group of 100 people and come up with similar results.

The only thing that seems surefire to me is that people who use Gmail users are a Mac, and Hotmail/Yahoo!/AOL users are a PC. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I just have a feeling PCs get a lot more "recommended-to-you" spam.

Do you buy these e-mail stereotypes?

Image via bradleypjohnson/Flickr

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