Tired of Traffic? Get a Flying Car.

skycarWhat do you get when you combine a Go-Kart and a kite? A flying Parajet SkyCar, of course! It turns out God has been listening to us praying while stuck in traffic, just begging for a car with wings. No word yet on when exactly these puppies will go mainstream, but right now they're getting funding, fine tuning, and preparing themselves for the world's stage.

I think we should all throw in five bucks and see if we can't expedite this process. These cars (planes?) are awesome. And I can't believe how far they've already flown!


In early 2011, the Parajet Skycar flew from London, England to Timbuktu, Mali in northern Africa. That's about 2,500 miles, about 400 miles longer than flying from New York to Las Vegas. That's far!

This little flying car that could is a dream machine. The makers are currently working on lightening the car and giving the interior more leg room. If they're already into making sure the driver is comfy, can we really be that far away from going down to our neighborhood dealership and purchasing one? I sure hope not.

There is a little tricky part though. What about licenses? Ah oh. We're all gonna need to learn how to fly. Which is why I think we should beat the lines and head over to London for a 6-day training course. It's only $1,200 for a lifetime of cutting-edge knowledge. We won't be able to fly the cars themselves, but we'll be able to fly ourselves with personal Parajet packs (awesome), but the skills are still related to flying cars and therefore necessary.

The media has promised flying cars to us for decades ... I think it's time they delivered. We're all ready. I personally would like to take a trip down to Florida and could totally use a Skycar. If you're running late for soccer practice and hear traffic's a bitch, sounds like you could use a Skycar, as well.

Who wants one?

Photo via Scott Olson/Getty

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