Celebrate St. Patrick's Day With MapQuest

Do you like green beer and ham corned beef? Would you, could you, in a bar? Could you get there in a car? If you're planning on celebrating your Irish heritage this March 17—or just being Irish for a day—MapQuest has some tools to help you make the most of St. Patrick's Day.

Now through March 18, you can use MapQuest's mapping service to find nearby Irish pubs and restaurants. Type in your location on MapQuest.com, then click the wee green clover-on-a-mug icon on the map toolbar. MapQuest will automatically return a list of local establishments that can probably be counted on to be a festive place to visit this Thursday.

Each listing is plugged into Citysearch so it displays a link to the pub's website, an idea of how much it costs, a list of user reviews, and more.


If you're planning to imbibe until the Irish eyes are smiling, skip the driving route in favor of MapQuest's transit or walking directions. (Perhaps you'd also like to plan ahead with some hangover cures?)

Also, for those looking to enjoy (or avoid altogether) one of the big parades taking part this St. Patrick's Day, MapQuest has put together some informative routes for events in New York, Chicago, Boston, Denver, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Dublin, Ohio, San Francisco, and Philadelphia.

In honor of St. Patrick's Day and this map-themed post, an Irish toast for you:

May the luck of the Irish
Lead to happiest heights
And the highway you travel
Be lined with green lights.

What are your St. Paddy's Day plans, if you have any?

Image via MapQuest

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