Look Out! Fans Take Baseballs to the Face (VIDEO)

fan hit by baseballWhen someone yells "duck!" in a dugout, you better duck. Minor League baseball manager Luis Salazar learned that lesson the hard way this week -- he was struck in the face by one of his player's foul balls.

The Atlanta Braves minor league team was playing an exhibition game when Brian McCann's foul ball went zooming into the dugout. The 54-year-old manager didn't even have time to react before the baseball did the damage. He was airlifted to the hospital and had a few surgeries, but is expected to make a full recovery. There was no brain damage nor sight damage, which is always the initial concern.

This sort of thing happens more than we think, and there's video to prove it. So before you head out to a game or two this spring and summer, make sure you're prepared for the worst.


The batters obviously wear helmets, but maybe players in the dugout should too. And fans sitting along the baselines. It's scary stuff and is obviously extremely painful, but I guess there's a reason that some of these YouTube videos of fans getting hit by errant baseballs (and sometimes not errant at all, but coming right at them, toward the glove they're holding up) have over 300,000 views. That reason is humor. We're laughing with them, not at them, and of course sending everyone ice pack wishes and ace bandage dreams. And every time you think you're having a bad day, remember these guys:

This poor Dodgers fan got nailed by a batting practice home run:

You're not safe at Fenway Park in Boston:

It's very dangerous being a Dodger fan apparently:

At least this guy will have a good story to tell about how he broke his nose:

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