Must-Have Angry Birds Merchandise (If You're An Addict)

angry birdsAngry Birds is a phenomenon becoming one of the most popular mobile game apps ever. With more than 75 million downloads and $43 million in a recent round of financing, the Angry Birds game has exploded into a crazy successful multi-platform franchise, complete with its own line of merchandise

To my disgust, the birds aren't the only ones going mad. Nope, so are the consumers and Angry Birds fanatics. The birds are taking over the world, I tell you! TAKING OVER THE WORLD!


You can cuddle up with your favorite feathered friend pillow, put on a festive bird hat, or boast your love of the bird with an Angry Birds t-shirt.angry birdsDo I think the products are taking the excitement of Angry Birds a bit too far? Yes ... yes I do. In my eyes, there's just no need for a woman to take her gaming habits and put them on display on her bedroom, or even worse, her chest. While everyone needs a way to kill some time on their commute (NOTE: NOT while driving), there's just something to be said for taking your hobbies a bit too far.

Yes, I get it. The game is a bit addicting. It's sort of cool to watch the small angry feathered friends fly across the tablet's screen, attacking large structures. But with all this hype and now, all of these products, a girl can't help but wonder: What about all the other apps?

Believe it or not, they are out there. Many of them are totally worth playing, like Scrabble (okay, so I'm a lame) or Mirror's Edge. But for some crazy reason, Angry Birds has stolen the technological show. What's next? Angry Birds wallpaper, tiling, or *gasp* food products? Can we expect to see Angry Bird cereal or branded eggs in our super markets?

Only time will tell. But I'll tell you one thing: I'll stick to seeing the birds every once-in-a-while, on my iPad.

What do you think of Angry Birds?


Image via bfishadow/ Flickr

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