Charlie Sheen Needs to Lay Off Ryan Mallett & The Drugs

charlie SheenI used to hold Dan Patrick in such high regard. His wry wit just kills me, and he generally has a good mix of guests on this sports talk show. But this week, he done screwed up. Charlie Sheen? Pretending to talk about sports like everything's copacetic?

Why? WHY? High on his tiger blood, Sheen showed up on the Dan Patrick Show this week to talk a little smack about Ryan Mallett, the Arkansas quarterback who has been dogged by drug use rumors:

Hey, can you call Ryan Mallett back and tell him that he left his bong, he left his herb, his sensimilla, he left it all at my house . . .And I’m like, I’m drug-free – come get this stuff, young man!



OK, so he said it was a joke, but it was hard to miss Sheen's pent up resentment in that clip  -- calling the show that kept him alive in Hollywood terms for eight years a "slagpit of redundancy" was not his highest point. Which begs the question: is Charlie, ahem, jealous of Mr. Mallett? Here he is a washed up actor who is never going to get any closer to professional sports than Eight Men Out and those two Major League movies (although Wild Thing, I think we did love you with that mohawk). And in case there was anyone out there who just "thought" he was batshit, he's proven it in the last few weeks.

And then we have Ryan Mallett, looking good for the first round of the draft, a good choice for the Carolina Panthers with that arm. Sure, there are drug rumors. But they're just that! RUMORS. And as he told Patrick, he passed the drug test at the NFL Scouting Combine. Told him flat out "yes sir."

Drug test results will come out officially next month, but Mallett still has a shot at greatness. Something Charlie Sheen gave up weeks ago. At this point, having him on a show to talk about anything -- much less sports -- is just a pathetic ploy to see what kind of crazy you can drag up. And poor Ryan Mallett just got caught in the crossfire.

So next time Dan Patrick is looking for a guest to chat with, how about we find someone with a few less chips on the shoulder? We hear the entire NFL is available at the moment . . .

What did you think of Sheen showing up? Does it make sense to bring him on a sports show these days for anything but ratings?


Image via Fox

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