George Washington Professor Honored At Halftime, Ejected Minutes Later (VIDEO)

gw refGenerally when I'm honored at halftime during college basketball games, I bow, wave to the crowd, then politely sit through the second half nibbling on popcorn and waiting for the camera to put me on the jumbo-tron. Robert Kasmir does it differently.

During halftime of the men's basketball game versus Dayton, the George Washington professor was recognized for his generous contributions to the University . He had donated between $10K and $25K.

But Kasmir wasn't done giving. He then generously contributed some choice words to the referee, and what happened next is freaking hilarious.


From his cushy court-side seat, Prof. Kasmir ... and I'm going to use a phrase here that I learned from Camille on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ... "verbally assaulted" a ref after he disagreed with a call.

(Note to self: Donating a boat load of money to a university doesn't give one the right to harass the officials. Put hold on checks to UNC and Boston College, get court-side seats other way.)

Kasmir's words with the ref weren't especially harsh, just only slightly cutting.

Basically, I told the ref he was the worst ref I'd ever seen and he wasn't worth the $1,600 dollars they were paying him and that was it. And then he ejected me from the game.

(Note to self: Refs make bank for 40 minutes of work on a Saturday. Must buy zebra suit, get on court, blow whistle, collect check. Do not donate check to university.)

The best part of the story comes with Kasmir's exit. Was he embarrassed? HELL NO. He stood up, raised his arms like a champ, and left the court escorted by the part-time security guards. It was all around a hilarious move, and props to Proff for taking things lightly and giving the crowd a reason to cheer. His Accounting 101 class just filled up for next semester, and GW went on to win the game by two points.

Pretty awesome, right?

Photo via YouTube

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