Got a Dog? There's an App For That.

isqueekMy neighbor has a dog that barks like mad whenever any apartment door in the building opens or shuts. Actually, "barks" is the wrong word. The mini-devil screams, howls, screeches, and/or pees with excitement at the sound our doors make. A friend recommended I get a dog whistle but that would mean I would have to go to the pet store and buy one -- way too much energy required. Isn't there an iPhone app for that?

Turns out, there is! In fact, there are plenty. Some to keep your dog occupied, and of course, a dog whistle app to calm any nearby pups or annoy the crap out of your friends.


The Dog Whistler is free on iTunes and kind of amazing. It's been a lot of fun opening then shutting my apartment door, iPhone in hand, just waiting to use the whistle on that little beast. I've become psychotic and get a huge kick out of using it in this battle royale of Woman versus Terrier. So far it hasn't worked, but I do believe I am making progress and that the spazzy yelps are getting weaker. They're getting weaker I say!

It's been fun at group dinners, too -- "oh my god what is that sound?!" -- proving it's great for annoying dogs and annoying people.

But if you're more benevolent and looking to use your powers for good rather than evil, the Pet First Aid app will guide you through all types of canine and feline emergencies. Everything from what to do when your little guy eats chocolate, to bleeding, to animal CPR.

iSqueek is the virtual dog toy that will keep your pet amused, and confused, for hours. Or, as one iTunes commenter reviewed, "I don't have a dog, but it keeps the kids entertained." Love a multifaceted app.

I look forward to round five tonight against the mystery yapper a few doors down. I might throw a curve ball and play the iSqueek app to see if that gets any response. And if things should take a turn for the worse (not that I expect them to, just you know, preparing) I'll have doggy first aid knowledge right at my fingertips.

Any dog or pet apps that you love?

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