Worst Soccer Goalie Ever Scores Against Own Team (VIDEO)

goalie Sammy Bossut Belgian footballer Sammy Bossut just wandered his way onto the list of "best soccer videos of all time," but somehow I get the feeling the poor guy's not going to have as much fun watching the tape as the rest of us. Pull out the popcorn, because you're going to want to see this one over and over and over.

Bossut is the Zulte Waregem goalie, but he accidentally gift wrapped the 2-1 win for the opposing team in the Liga Belga game over the weekend. It was a goalkeeper blunder that has secured him the unenviable status of having an assist on his stat sheet ... for KSC Lokeren.



Mr. Bossut, I've been there. Playing keeper in a 6th grade AYSO game, I'm still haunted by the memory of accidentally kicking the ball, erm, into the goal! And when I say haunted, I mean decades later it still comes up at reunions of classmates who laugh about as hard as I did at this video. But at least I don't have a YouTube video to contend with.

So let me offer a few kindly takeaways. Pointers, really, for next time that prove I'm laughing with you AND at you:

  • When they suggest throwing the game, most people don't take it literally.
  • When it comes to blaming someone for this kind of screw-up, it's best not to go with your own teammates. Especially after you just blew their chance at a draw. Might we suggest, oh, I don't know: God? (It worked for Diego Maradona.) Your sticky glove? (Because that one would be quasi-believable.) Yourself?
  • If one is going to package a win for the other team, perhaps a nice red bow is in order?

What do you think? Best goalie blunder video you've ever seen? Any tips for our guy?


Image via YouTube

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