Watch March Madness on Your iPad for Free!

March Madness Free AppIt's almost here! March Madness kicks off next week, and we have fabu news for you iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch mamas. This year, for the first time ever, you can watch all of the games from the first tip-off on March 15 all of the way to the final seconds of the finals on April 4 -- for free!

Yup, you can have all of the games streamed to your handy-dandy device with no dent in your budget. In the past, you had to pay for the NCAA March Madness On Demand app, but this year, the nice folks at CBS Sports, Turner Sports, and the NCAA are just giving it away ... because they like us so much!


No more setting the DVR and staying up late to catch up on games. No more telling the kids they have to play inside as you plant yourself at the computer to catch the games as they watch The Backyardigans and make Play-Doh cookies.

Think about the possibilities when you get this app: you can take your kids to the park, you can take your tot to ballet class, you can do all of those things and not miss a dribble. I guess this post could also be titled: How to Ignore Your Child From March 15 Through April 4.

Whether you're a hardcore Wisconsin Badger fan or you're rooting for those Buckeyes of Ohio State, here are the main things you need to know about the free March Madness On Demand app.

1. The people at CBS Sports and Turner Sports are saying it's gonna look super-cool. Think live in-game stats, think special areas to post comments (aka talk serious smack), think enhanced picture quality.

2. The app is not available until March 10. I know, I know, keep breathing. Until then, just play Angry Birds.

3. On March 10, click over to Apple's App Store on and get NCAA March Madness On Demand for your device. Wait patiently for three days 'til March 13 when the teams heading to the Big Dance are announced. Spend a few days filling out your brackets, picking your winners, then sit back and -- with one flick of a finger -- enjoy the games!

I feel for you Android basketball fanatics as this free app is only for Apple devices. But never fear -- you can still head to the NCAA site to get live streams of the games via your regular web browser.

Will you watch March Madness games online or on TV?

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