Ash Wednesday: Give Up the Fun Stuff With Lent Tracking App

For those of you who plan to observe Lent, have you decided what you'll give up for 40 days? Lent starts tomorrow on Ash Wednesday (March 9, 2011), after all, so it's time to decide what sort of sacrifices you'll make.

(After finding myself mindlessly tuning in to a live Ustream webcast of a man whose ego has clearly suffered at the hands of too many sycophants telling him he's hilarious, I think I might give up Charlie Sheen for Lent. I'm starting to suspect his #tigerblood might actually be the soma from Huxley's Brave New World.)

If you're having trouble choosing what earthly pleasure you plan to deny yourself, or you just need a little help staying focused on your spiritual pursuits during this time, guess what? There's an app for that.


Introducing the 40 Days Lent Observance Tracker, an iPhone app that helps you keep track of your Lent commemorations. Created by Samadhi Games, you can use 40 Days to track your prayers (and select amounts to atone for if you miss one), customize your own observances, start each session with an inspirational picture and quote, and see a calendar view of your progress.

Not only that, but you can mark off the things you want to give up for Lent, and associative atonement amounts with those, too. If you're stuck for ideas, use the app to surf a library of suggestions. (I love that one of their examples is Twitter.)

I sort of thought I'd seen it all with the Confession App, but I suppose this makes perfect sense—a Lent tracker isn't much different from any other lifestyle tracking tool, after all. Heck, I might give this a spin even though I'm a godless heathen. Maybe if I started financially atoning for my dietary slips, I'd fit back into my skinny jeans. (Or go bankrupt.)

Are you giving anything up for Lent this year?

Image via 40 Days

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