Wimbledon in 3D Will Be a Grand Slam Fail

tennisNever once have I wanted to go to my neighborhood movie theater at nine in the morning to watch tennis. I guess I'm the only one though, because Sony thinks they're on to something. They're filming the men's and women's Wimbledon finals in 3D and broadcasting them in a cinema near you.

Last summer's soccer World Cup was also filmed in 3D and shown in theaters, but not to much fanfare or excitement. Why? Because 3D isn't that great. In fact, it's still bad. The technology has certainly come a long way since the '80s, but we're not quite all the way there yet. Avatar in 3D gave me a headache, like I was looking at a Magic Eye poster for three hours, so I can only imagine what watching a tennis match in 3D would be like.


First of all, who wants to get up in the morning and go sit in the dark. With the time difference between England and the U.S., the Wimbledon matches generally start around 9 a.m. EST. I love watching "Breakfast at Wimbledon" over the fourth of July weekend -- getting a bowl of blueberries and yogurt, sitting on the couch, and watching tennis is nice, and summery, and easy. Setting an alarm to go sit in a Regal theater to watch the matches with a bag of popcorn and previously used 3D glasses sounds harsh.

What will happen during commercial breaks? I guess we'll be forced to sit there, facing a giant screen, while 3D commercials are blasted into our faces. Paying for this experience sounds kind of absurd, too.

Secondly, tennis is a super fast sport with jarring angles and lightning speed movements. How exactly the 3D cameras will pick up the ball is a mystery to me. I have a sneaking suspicion that a match in 3D will look like a green and purple mess with streaky shots and blurred forehands.

Sony executives say that watching tennis in HD 3D is like being there in the middle of all the action. Agree to disagree. Last time I checked, the All England Tennis Club didn't have sticky floors nor smell like burning popcorn. Until 3D is not just improved, but perfected, I'll keep watching sports from my couch.

What do you think of Wimbledon going 3D?

Photo via Mister-E/Flickr

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