Big East Tournament Bracket: Read This to Pick a Winner!

pittsburgh panthersIt's Conference Week for college basketball, folks. These tournaments, like the Big East Tournament, are just a warm-up to the biggie, the NCAA Tourney. With all of this comes a crazy, beautiful thing called the bracket. The sheet of who's playing who, the rounds of match-ups, and so on.

I love brackets. I love trying to guess who will move on from one round to the next. For me, the conference tourneys are a warm-up, too. To get my predictive juices flowing, to stretch my picking muscles before I have to select my winner for the NCAA Tournament next week.

For the Big East Tournament, we've got some of the best teams in the country going head to head. But I don't necessarily pick based on the number of wins or free throw percentages. Nope. For the Big East Tournament this year, I'm picking based on a tried-and-true method: school colors. Yup, whichever school colors I like best moves on.

Let's see who I have taking the title.


Here are the match-ups for Round 1:

Connecticut vs. DePaul: UConn's blue and white versus DePaul with red and blue. Technically, they call the red "scarlet," but that doesn't matter for my purposes. I don't care much for red, so I'm picking UConn.

Seton Hall vs. Rutgers: Seton Hall with blue and white matched up with Rutgers and just one lone school color, again, the icky red, aka scarlet. Note to Rutgers, you should really get a second school color. Seton Hall moves on.

Villanova vs. South Florida: Villanova's blue and white versus USF's green and gold. This is a tough one. I like all of these colors. My gut (and my love of sailor stripes) tells me to go with Villanova. 

Providence vs. Marquette: We've got Providence and their black, white, and silver trio up against Marquette with a navy blue and gold. Mama loves the classic black and white look. Bet on Providence to move on.

Okay, so based on those picks, here's how Round 2 looks:

Georgetown vs. UConn: G-town and its blue and gray versus UConn's blue and white. With the two blue canceling each other out, I've got UConn's white against Georgetown's gray. The gray only reminds me I need to get my roots done, so I'm picking UConn.

St. John's vs. Seton Hall: St. John's red and white meets up with Seton Hall's blue and white. The whites kind of cancel each other out, leaving blue up against red. I've already stated my aversion to red, so Seton Hall will be going onto Round 2.

Cincinnati vs. Villanova: Red and black for Cincinnati versus the blue and white of Villanova. Hmmmm, as you've seen, I don't like red ... but I love black. May need to go to a tie breaker: school mascot. You've got a bearcat meeting with a wildcat. My kid loves cats and she can be a little wild. Villanova moving on.

West Virginia vs. Providence: The blue and gold of West Virginia up against Providence still donning the black, white, and silver. I like all of these, but my kid loves all things yellow. So, I'm going to go with West Virginia.

Whew. My color wheel is getting a little pooped, but let's move on to Round 3:

Pittsburgh vs. UConn: Pittsburgh wears the blue and gold, while UConn is still donning the blue and white. The blues cancel each other out, which leaves gold versus white. As I've mentioned, the kid loves yellow, all shades, which makes me lean toward Pittsburgh on this one.

Syracuse vs. Seton Hall: Their mascot is Otto the Orange, so no doubt Syracuse's color is orange. Put it up against Seton Hall's blue and white, and I have no choice. Orange is too, well, orange-y, too pumpkin-y, too Halloween-y. Seton Hall moves on.

Notre Dame vs. Villanova: Here's Notre Dame with "madonna blue" and "papal gold" versus Villanova with blue and white. Notre Dame's name colors are just annoying, so I'm going with Villanova again.

Louisville vs. West Virginia: Louisville's cardinal red, black, and white is mixing it up with the blue and gold of West Virginia. What to do, what to do? I go back to my odd hatred of red, and I have to pick West Virginia.

Almost there. In the semifinals, we have:

Pittsburgh vs. Seton Hall: Both teams have blue, so they knock each other out. It's Pitts' gold versus Seton Hall's white. Same "kiddo loves yellow" logic applies here, and Pittsburgh moves onto the finals

Villanova vs. West Virginia: Villanova with blue and white up against the blue and gold of West Virginia. Seriously, these colleges need to consult Crayola for some better options. Blue cancels out blue. White against gold. Kid loves yellow. West Virginia heads to the finals!

So, in the finals, we have Pittsburgh with blue and gold battling West Virginia with ... blue and gold. We go to the mascot tie-breaker. Pitts' Panthers against the Mountaineers of West Virginia. Please. It's a no-brainer. I don't even need to defer to my daughter's love of cats. Panthers hands down. There you have it: Pittsburgh will win the Big East Tournament.

How do you pick your winners for your bracket?


Image via Kevin Coles/Flickr

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