GasBuddy Helps You Survive Insane Gas Prices Via Social Media

I don't even want to think about what's happening to gas prices right now, or where they're projected to be by Memorial Day. (OVER FOUR DOLLARS A GALLON OMFG.) My husband can't even fill his truck's tank all the way, since there's a cutoff limit for how much you can spend with a card (I think it's "five trillion dollars, one of your kidneys, and a murky Brothers-Grimm promise to return the favor someday").

While the best solution for dealing with these fuel prices is to get yourself a bike or horse-drawn chariot, for those who must do battle with the pump, there's GasBuddy is a free website (and accompanying mobile app) that helps you find the lowest gas prices, wherever you are.


How it works: You go to GasBuddy and enter your ZIP code, and the site returns a list of all of the gas stations in your area and what they're charging for regular, midgrade, premium, and diesel fuels. I just tested my city and found prices fluctuating by as much as $0.30/gallon.

The interesting (and potentially inaccurate) part of this is that the prices are reported by GasBuddy users. GasBuddy members report local gas prices to the site, earning points for each gas price they upload. They're also entered into GasBuddy's weekly gas card giveaway.
Anyone can sign up to the website and start reporting prices. As long as people are being honest, this seems like a great service. The website and the mobile apps (which are available for iPhones, Android, and Windows phones) are all free, and one glance will tell you why: there's advertising all OVER the place. If you can get past the fugly web design, though, this definitely seems worth checking out.

Have you used GasBuddy before?

Image via Flickr/goldberg

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