Stevo Poulin, 8-Year-Old Wrestler, Scares Grown Men (VIDEO)

Steve PoulinSteve Poulin, who prefers to go by the name of "Stevo," is an 8-year-old wrestling bad ass. There are really no other words for him. A video of his conquests circulating on the Web shows him taking down opponent after opponent -- some twice his size -- with no mercy. His slight body topped with a mohawk is no match for whoever enters the ring with him.

He's from Schuylerville, N.Y., and his is record as of March 1 was 256-26. Last year he won his age group in the Brute National Championship.

As Jerod over at Midwest Sports Fan said, "I’m a man, I’m 29…and I’m now scarified of an 8-year old." Others have echoed the same sentiment, as this is one scary little dude.

Check him out after the jump:


I've never been a wrestling fan, but that is pretty impressive, no? Even more so when you listen to his little voice talk during this radio interview that reminds you just how young he is.

What amazes me most of about this kid is his intensity at such a young age. He has his eyes on the win, and it appears as if nothing will distract him from it. I see that same look in a few kids here and there on some of the sports teams on which my son plays. It doesn't always mean they're the best players, but they play with their whole hearts.

My son isn't one of them at this point. He's in the games, and he plays well, but I haven't seen that deep passion and intense fire, and that's okay. I don't think it's something you can teach or instill; it's something that's just inside you. Clearly it's inside Stevo Poulin. 

I suppose there's danger of it becoming too much too young, of him burning out or feeling it too hard when he gets defeated, but I guess as his parents, you'd just have to deal with those issues come as they may. Because while there's no instilling such intensity in a child, there's also little you can do to tame it. So I say, go Stevo go.

Do you think this much intensity in a child is a good or bad thing?

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