Apple Cloud Coverage To The Rescue!

ipodCloud cover, with a chance at universal access to music, is in Apple's forecast this summer.

So many of us have iPods, MacBooks, iPhones, and for the lucky ones, iPads, but as it stands now, if you download a song from iTunes onto your MacBook, you have to manually synch your other devices if you want that song on say, your iPod. It's kind of a pain and seems like an archaic way of computing and downloading in this otherwise lightening speed world.

Apple agrees that it sucks, and is doing something about it.


They're in talks with record companies to see what's possible. They want to make music universally accessible, which would switch its service to cloud computing.

We've heard a lot about cloud computing recently -- Windows 7 hyped it during their launch -- but if you don't know what it is, here's any easy way to think about it. Instead of storing say, your music or photos on your computer, you'd be storing them in the "cloud", or Internet. So to transfer data from one iDevice to another, all you'd half to do is sign onto the Internet, and your saved items and settings would automatically be there. You wouldn't have to transfer files via USB ports, or CDs.

Moving Apple music to the cloud would be a totally brilliant move. Think about how much space iTunes takes up on your computer, or how frustrating it is that when you download one song, it's not instantaneously on all your devices. I know that sounds silly to say, but we're so used to iDevices making sense, intuitive sense, that the cloud way of doing things just seems like it's been a long time coming.

I only have one concern though. What will this mean for data services on mobile phones? With all the cloud coverage, I'm worried that things will just Sorry. Service dropped. I'm worried that things will With everyone signing onto the Internet, instead of accessing their own storage in their own computers, things could get a little annoyi. Sorry, happened again. 

What do you think of Apple's possible move to the cloud?

Photo via Helga's Lobster Stew/Flickr

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