Defriend Day Reminds Us to Get Rid of Facebook Trash

FacebookFacebook Defriend Day is technically April 1, but there's no reason many of us shouldn't be starting the celebrations early. In fact, maybe most of us should be commemorating this momentous occasion year-round.

Let's be real: When was the last time you actually took a look at the list of your Facebook friends in its entirety? If you're like me, well ... you haven't. I understand, really I do. Whether you're just open to meeting new people or weren't exactly popular in high school and managed to score yourself 2,400 "friends," National Facebook Defriend Day is a constant reminder to us all that it's quality, not quantity, that counts. Here are the types to defriend ....


The constant poster: Everyone knows one. Whether they're addicted to FarmVille or simply think they are the coolest thing since the iPad 2 -- the constant poster is not your true amigo. You often find their updates slightly annoying, and Facebook Defriend Day may be the day to finally cut your strings and let them dangle into oblivion.

The MySpace-style defaut photo-er: It's now 2011. No one wants to see you taking pictures of yourself in the mirror. If they do, they are also weird. You deserve to have friends with normal Facebook profile pictures. Generally those pictures will be taken by another individual. Value your friendships. You are worth normalcy.

The bragger: We get it. Your kids are adorable. But really, there's no need for them to be taking over my Minifeed. Alexis looks adorable in her Yankees hat. And her St. Patrick's Day ensemble. Oh, and her April Fool's Day shirt (no, she's really not a 4-year-old ... hahah, we get it!). People like the bragger make you begin to wonder, Should I be showing the world what my kid is wearing more often? The answer is no. Your family deserves their own private memories. There's no reason to be friends with someone who is going to make you inferior. Well, unless you're related.

THE CAPS USER: Honestly, when was the last time you actually enjoyed reading something in all capital letters? CAPS = yelling. And come on, ladies ... no one wants to be yelled at during their "recreational" time on 'da book. Especially after you've already dealt with an overtired 2-year-old and a cranky significant other.

The survey filler-outer: A lot of things are put out onto the Internet. For some reason, the second some of your friends see these things, AKA surveys, they feel it is their divine right to not only fill out every question with intricate detail -- but also share it with the entire human population. The truth is, you don't care. Although you may have pretended to care since they friended you back in 2007, Facebook Defriend Day is the perfect time to come to a realization that you don't need them. Go ahead, click the button.

On Defriend Day, who will you defriend?

Image via codemastersnake/Flickr

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