Sloppy Google Thinks You're Lazy and Dumb (VIDEO)

sloppy googleI don't know about you, but Sloppy Google freaks me out. The "alternative" search engine, created by students from Pasadena's Art Center College of Design, was designed to show us what Google would be like if it was a lazy, sloppy, tired, hungover-ish person. You know that in this country, which is known for placing a super-high value on hardcore work ethic, that would just be downright unacceptable. Especially for our hardest working search engine.

There really is no market for Sloppy Google. Who would want their search for "Britney Spears" to turn up results for "Britney Pears"? How about having a search bar that yawns at you? No, not cool. Infuriating is more like it.


The site is supposed to be "thought-provoking," but all it makes me think is ... I want my accurate search results back! As a writer/former editor, I cannot stand misspellings or grammatical errors. Errors of any kind really. And to know I typed something in correctly, but the search engine I'm using to do my research isn't recognizing that ... AGH! Pure frustration.

The other thing it makes me think is ... Is this what most bosses think of their employees? (Even on Employee Appreciation Day? Yes, that is today.) Is this site supposed to show us that since it would never be acceptable for GOOGLE to get sloppy or lazy, we better not either?

I'm probably thinking way too into this. It was just a fun little experiment by some tech-savvy art students, right?

The site’s developers (who call themselves The Search Operators) explained that the site is:

The sloppy twin of Google search. By reversing the passive roles of UI elements, we want to expand the traditional notion of user interfaces. We hope this sloppy twin helps you switch mind set from everyday web routines and open up new perspectives.

Okay, cool. But I still think they're saying, "What if Google was the one fallin' asleep at your desk at 3 p.m. on a Friday? How would that make you feel then, huh!?" It would make me want to pull my hair out. I understand, and I will get back to working very hard now.

You can see a demo of the infuriating version of Google here ...

What do you think about Sloppy Google?


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