Huge WordPress DDoS Attack: Was Your Blog Affected?

DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service, which is why if you were affected by the WordPress DDoS attack yesterday (thinking, What the *$%&! is wrong with my blog?), the answer is simple: U WERE DENIED.

A DDoS attack typically firehouses targeted servers with a massive influx of bot-created requests, which effectively shuts them down. Yesterday's WordPress attack reportedly reached "multiple Gigabits per second and tens of millions of packets per second."

Result? Blog no worky. A large number of blogs suffered connectivity issues, including large media sites like the Financial Post, the National Post, TechCrunch—not to mention the service's nearly 18 million hosted blogs.


WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg told CNET that the attack had affected three of the company's data centers, and was the largest and most sustained seen in the company's six-year history.

He speculated that the attack "may have been politically motivated against one of (their) non-English blogs," but they're still investigating the cause.

It's annoying if you're a personal blogger who couldn't upload your latest story or photo, but this attack is a big deal because of the large number of media sites running on WordPress. According to TechCrunch, WordPress is responsible for 10% of all websites in the world, and the percentage is much higher for media outlets. Millions of people get their news and information from websites running on WordPress.

By carrying out this attack, someone somewhere put a legitimate stumbling block in the flow of free information yesterday. The issue has been resolved, but it's bound to happen again. Scary stuff, really.

(Also, it's a good reminder, as always, to back up your data. Especially if you're like me and have been using WordPress for years.)

Was your blog affected by yesterday's WordPress attack?

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