BYU Honor Code Says No Sex, Wants Athletes Tense

brandon daviesBrigham Young University student Brandon Davies is in some holy hot water. He violated the BYU honor code and was suspended from the basketball team, which is currently ranked #3 in the nation and a contender for the national title, for having pre-marital sex with his girlfriend. So far, Brandon Davies' girlfriend, a fellow BYU student, has yet to release a statement.

There are a few things that Brandon did wrong. One, he broke the honor code, which states one must lead a virtuous and chaste life. Sorry, but he signed up for that. Two, he let his team down right before March Madness, and puts their shot at the title in jeopardy. He averaged over 11 points a game and a team high 6.2 rebounds. And thirdly, aren't athletes supposed to abstain from sex before games?


I thought guys were warned against having sex before games because it could wear them out and could take away their competitive, aggressive edge. Makes sense to me. Maybe the honor code is really a way to gain a competitive edge in sports. Doubt it, but you know, doesn't hurt.

On the other hand, maybe having some pre-game sex relaxes the muscles, and one can get a better night's sleep before game day. Is it possible that Brandon was just "doing it" for the team? Maybe he really didn't want to, but knew he had to do something to calm his nerves, relieve some tension. Yeah, right. A 19-year-old boy takes one for the team, has sex with his girlfriend. That is one selfless, pious dude if that's the case.

The BYU coach says it's likely Brandon will be back next season as a junior, but who knows if Brandon will return. I think the suspension is a little tough and could potentially cost the university a lot of money (a great performance in the NCAA tournament does wonders for a school's bottom line), but they had no choice. If a rule is broken, a rule is broken.

I'll be interested to see if Brandon stays at BYU. As a talented ball player, he could potentially transfer to a less-strict college (have all the sex you can handle, Brandon!) or possibly go pro.

Do you think having sex, or abstaining, is best before a competition?

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