iPad 2 Price Is a Rip-Off Without the Smart Cover

Smart Cover iPad CaseYesterday, Apple CEO Steve Jobs surprised everyone, coming out of his medical leave to make the newest announcement from Apple about the iPad 2. With a release date of March 11, the iPad 2 will feature a sleeker, lighter design, and will cost you $499 plus the price of a wireless plan. Some are saying that's a deal, but I don't think so. It's expensive for the average family and that's why I think the hefty price should come with one of the new Smart Cover cases thrown in.

I know what you're thinking: What's so cool about a stupid case? Well here, let me show you:


First things first: It's beauteous. But these covers take it to a whole new level. Coming in 10 different shades, the Smart Cover is made with every personality in mind. And while basic colors begin at $39, the leather collection will cost you $69 big ones. Why couldn't they throw the basic color one in the original $499 price?

The geniuses at Apple just want you to spend money, so they made this case a must-have. When I watched the demo of how easily it attached (and stayed put), I was sold.

But it gets even better: Did you think turning the iPad on could get easier than pressing a button? Well, it does. By simply opening and closing this new case, the iPad automatically comes in and out of sleep mode. Yup, effortless on-again off-again capabilities. Protection and ease in one? I'm sold ... again.

The Smart Cover's biggest selling point deserves a bit of a drum roll. It has folding functionality. It folds into a FaceTime and video stand, allowing you to stand your iPad completely upright, and also into a keyboard stand, to tilt the device ever so slightly for easier typing. This capability saves consumers a chunk of change by combining other accessories into one (sorry iPad stand). And, well, it looks super cool doing it.

ipad smart case

Who doesn't love a super fun (and pretty) accessory? And why couldn't they just include one when you buy an iPad 2?

Will you be getting a new iPad? And if so, what about a Smart Case?

Images via Apple

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