iPad 2 Announcement Proves Steve Jobs Is a Magician

ipad 2Today's iPad 2 announcement is causing quite a commotion. Everyone wanted to know what Apple wizard CEO Steve Jobs plans for continued world domination innovation. We were all pretty sure a second-generation iPad was coming sooner rather than later, and now we know the iPad 2 release date is March 11. Thanks to Steve's presentation today, we also know more about the SPECS! Eeek! 

First of all, the even MORE magical device is gonna have a sleeker, "all-new design" (cue "oooh"s and "ahhhh"s). Because everyone wants to be thinner, even the iPad, it's gotten a little more svelte than before. It's actually sleeker than your iPhone 4, Steve Jobs assures. (Thanks, Steve, but I don't have one of those. Due to that whole "bumper" issue, I stuck with the 3GS, but maybe I'll be picking up the iPhone 5 when that comes out, probably this summer!)


For you geekazoids who want actual specs, the new model weighs in at 1.3 pounds and measures 0.35 inches thick. The original iPad was 1.5 pounds (1.6 pounds for the 3G iPad) and 0.5 inches thick.

It also, as we all figured, has cameras on the front and back that can shoot video. Whoopdeedoo! Now, this is a feature that is built in for obvious competitive reasons, because more than a couple tablets are doing the same thing now. But, I still don't think I could see myself or anyone I know using their iPad 2 to shoot photos or videos. Don't you have a point-and-shoot digital camera for that? Or an iPhone? Or an HTC Evo? You must. So why do you need to also have that capability with the iPad? Bottom line on that: I think it's nice to have the capability, but not really understanding the practicality.

Anyway ...

Some other maybe-you'd-like-to-knows include:

  • The iPad 2 will tout a couple of regular Mac apps: iMovie and Garage Band, which were added so we don't become passive drones looking at the iPad, simply consuming content.
  • It'll cost the same as the old one.
  • It boasts a GYROSCOPE (oooh, snazzyyyy), like in the iPhone 4.
  • It will also run an upgraded operating system, iOS 4.3.
  • Whether you're on Team Verizon or Team AT&T or Team I Don't Give a $%@#, you can use the iPad 2 on any network.
  • And, last and -- in the scheme of things -- probably least, you can get it in white.

If you're the kind of techazoid freak-o who must have the ultimate new gadget on the DAY IT COMES OUT ... March 11 is like, OMG, so soon! Better start figuring out what you're going to do when your new model arrives, and your kiddos start fighting over who is commandeering the old iPad as their OWN! (Oh yes, I have heard it happens to parents all the time.)

All in all, the new model doesn't scream "WOW!" to me in any way. (I know, strong words comin' from this Mac-aphile.) But it definitely seems like it'll be an improvement on the original. Personally, being that I already have a MacBook and an iPhone, I don't see why I need a tablet just yet. Maybe if the iPad 3 features an iClean Up Your Apartment app, I'll start thinking about it ...

Are you psyched for the iPad 2?

Image via meedanphotos/Flickr

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