Girl's Amazing Winning Shot Is Victory for Women's Sports (VIDEO)

clausonI taught Danielle Clauson everything she knows. I'm sure a lot of people are saying that today after her brilliant move in Monday's basketball game between Concordia University and the College of Idaho. She used her head, and her opponent's back, to lead her Concordia team to victory with a buzzer beater heard 'round the Twitterverse.

With 0.7 seconds left in the game, the score tied at 61, the NAIA National Tournament birth on the line, Clauson takes control of the game in a most impressive, and heads-up, way. Everyone is sharing this video because, well, it's awesome, and gives women's sports a good name.

So how'd she score with 0.7 seconds left?


Clauson is charged with inbounding the ball under the basket to try and find an open player. She doesn't see anyone open on her team, but notices that a defender has her back to the baseline -- Danielle gets an idea. She throws the ball against the defender's back, recovers it right away, and shoots a baseline jump shot that goes up ... and in!

Her parents and cousins The crowd storms the court and celebrates with Danielle -- the usual jumping and screaming -- and the rest goes down in YouTube history. I gotta thank Danielle for her intelligent play and winning jumper.

This is just the type of publicity women's basketball, and sports, need. No, she didn't slam dunk it over her opponent's back, but she made a gutsy, heady play that landed her team the W. One small step for small-time girls' basketball program, one largish step for women's sports.

Photo via YouTube

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