Louisville Cheerleader Foul-Up Freaks NCAA Basketball Coaches Everywhere (VIDEO)

louisville cheerleaderYour college basketball team winning a game is great. Winning over a team that's ranked higher than yours in overtime? Even bigger reason to do back flips. But be sure not to celebrate too soon. Poor Jordan Alcazar learned this the hard way. The Louisville Cardinal cheerleader was so thrilled after guard Kyle Kuric dunked the ball with only a fraction of a second left, he grabbed the ball and threw it into the air.

Big no-no. The game wasn't over. And, because of Jordan's over-joyousness, Louisville got a technical foul -- that's two free point shots, people. Pittsburgh's Ashton Gibbs made them both, giving them the opportunity to tie it.

Luckily for Jordan, Pittsburgh didn't make the three-point shot needed and Louisville won.

With the smell of March Madness blowing in the wind, coaches for NCAA basketball teams could be rethinking the need for those cheerleaders.


By his mere job description, Jordan's supposed to be excited, get the crowd riled up, have unlimited school spirit, but dude, he almost ruined a huge win for his team! Louisville coach Rick Pitino doesn't have to worry about this happening again (no word on if Jordan will remain on the cheerleading squad or not).

Oh, just for grins, here's another video with Jordan's big oops highlighted, just in case you missed it.

Attention coaches! Jim Boeheim (coach of Syracuse) and Thad Matta (Ohio State's coach), I'm talking to you. Call a meeting of all of those with pom-poms and go over the rules. Have a little sit-down with those that get the crowd on their feet. A mistake like this in the NCAA tournament (kicking off March 15, by the way) could cost your team's shot at making it to the next round, to the Elite Eight, to the Final Four. Who knows, it could cost your team the whole tournament. 

What do you think of this cheerleader's foul-up?


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