2011 'Dancing With the Stars' Cast Is Filled With Not-So-Dumb Jocks

The 2011 Dancing With the Stars cast has been announced, and it seems like a good handful of the B- or C-list stars are famous for either being pro athletes (wrestler Chris Jericho, boxer Sugar Ray Leonard, pro football player Hines Ward) or for playing one (Karate Kid Ralph Macchio) or being married to one (Kendra Wilkinson).

Now, this is what I'm talkin' about! It's supposed to be an amateur dance competition, so I've never understood why they've brought people like Romeo, Joey McIntyre, Drew Lachey, Lance Bass, Mel B, Pussycat Dolls' Nicole Scherzinger, and even Jennifer Grey on the show. People who have made a career out of ... dancing!!! That's not fair! The show is supposed to be about amateurs learning the ropes of hardcore dance. Sure, Mel B never learned the Two-Step for Spice Girls numbers. But given her experience, she obviously has more dance ability than the average person.

On the other hand, athletes, I think, make some of the best contestants on the show ...


Not because they don't have what it takes. But because they haven't proven that they do. It's so fish out of water! Maybe not as much as, say, Congressman Tom DeLay was when doing the Cha-Cha ... But, you rarely look at a WWE wrestler and think, "Wow, I bet he can really do a mean Foxtrot!"

Some of them end up choking reaaaaallly badly. That's one thing I can't stand when athletes come on the show. When they are totally painful to watch, but then they have this insane fan following who decides to band together to make sure they are on the show week after week. I know the athletes' fans aren't the only ones to blame for that -- but they sure can be effective when they all get together to call in for their favorite quarterback or whatever.

What I appreciate the most is when they surprise everyone by being hey, not bad ... actually decent ... or totally stunning as dancers. I feel like they're almost doing society a favor, proving that not only does being athletic lend itself to the physicality of dance, but big burly men known for pummeling other men can be graceful at the same time. That dance can make you physically STRONGER.

Yeah, usually I prefer when one of the Beverly Hills, 90210 alums is on the show (yay, Jennie Garth!), but with such an athlete-heavy cast in this upcoming season 12 of DWTS, I'm actually more psyched to tune in. They're definitely gonna bring it.

Which contestant for season 12 are you most excited to see dance?

Image via Steph Anderson/Flickr

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