Vanderbilt Basketball Mascot Takes Team Spirit Too Far (VIDEO)

vanderbilt mascot fightAt last night's Vanderbilt college basketball game, you'd think the action would have been on the court, but strangely enough, a student in the crowd was left bruised and beaten ... thanks to the school's mascot! The mascot, known as Mr. Commodore, was "crowd-surfing" during the SEC game against Tennessee when all of a sudden, he just stopped in his tracks and started wailing on a kid!

The student ended up with a gushing bloody nose. Crazy, right?! There are few things about this story that really just rub me the wrong way ...


For one, what the hell could have provoked "Mr. C"? I don't even know if the mascot is always another student. It usually is, right? So I guess it's not that bizarre to see two kids getting into a brawl at a college game, but that's usually just two fans ... There must have been a trigger here. It doesn't make any sense that just out of the blue, the mascot picked this kid to clobber. Was the kid who got beaten up sleeping with Mr. C's woman? Was it a pot deal gone bad? Did the kid call the mascot "Mr. C" and the mascot responded with, "That's MR. COMMODORE to you! RAWWR!"? So, the motive here is just odd. 

Also, footage shows fans around the beaten kid acting like total animals, laughing, hollering, cheering Mr. C on as he attacks. Yeah, it's a sports event, and they're 18- to 21-year-old guys, but that's just sick. It seems like they thought it was a joke? Or an accident?

Which leads me to another question, which is why do the media and Vanderbilt officials seem to think this was 100 percent an innocent mishap? (Vanderbilt is currently "reviewing" how this could have possibly happened. Mmm'kay. Perhaps they should consider my above guesses.) One sports report said the mascot was just "flailing around" in an attempt to get the crowd going, and he "accidentally popped a kid." Uh, I don't think so? It looks like he very well knew what he was doing! It's not like whoever is in there can't see what's in front of them, right? It just strikes me as totally bizarre that you could look at this and say it was definitely a "whoops!" moment ...

Here's the video, so you can see what I'm talking about ...

What do you think happened here?

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