NFL Talks Taking a 4-Day Break & I'm Peeved

nfl talksDid everyone watch the Super Bowl? Well don't erase it from the DVR yet, because that may be the last football game you see for a while. The Powers That Be for the NFL and the NFL Players Union have been hard at work trying to figure out this labor dispute. In their official mediation talks, I guess they met for a week, for 45 hours total.

Now, they are taking a break. Not for a day, not for the weekend, but for 4 days. With the March 3 deadline just next week -- at which point the players could be "locked out" -- they are taking a long weekend vacation.

Huh? They need 4 days to go over what's happened? They need 4 days to talk to others who may not be there?

Oh, yeah, I'm peeved and you should be, too.


They say they need this time to review what has happened so far, to "brief their sides on the state of the talks." Hey fellas, there's a cool thing called Skype -- ever hear of it? It's even free and I think the perfect way to meet when you can't all be in the same room. 

But really, talking to the masses on both sides isn't a hot move. If the groups are unhappy and get riled up, it could derail any of the progress that was made. Like making a 53-yard play only to have a flag thrown and the ball brought all of the way back to the line of scrimmage.

And, I have to think, as they take this break, momentum is lost. It's why coaches call a time-out when the opposing team is on a major drive down the field -- to kill their momentum. Not good during a game, not good for labor talks.

Nope, I don't see anything good coming from this 4-day hiatus. If they miss this deadline, if next season of NFL football doesn't happen, my husband's gonna be Mr. Crankypants. Which would make me Mrs. Crankypants.

No one wants me to be Mrs. Crankypants.

Do you care if there is an NFL season next year?


Image via JohnSeb/Flickr

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