NFL Combine 2011: Like PE Class With TV Cameras

NFL CombineA bunch of college football players are arriving in Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Top draft picks like Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton and Julio Jones are gearing up for something called the NFL Combine. You don't know what that is? These players run around, do some workout drills, and take a test for more than 600 NFL managers, scouts, and coaches -- all checking them out to see if they are NFL material.

It's like fifth grade PE class meets an audition for a Broadway show. They are doing a 40-yard dash and seeing how far they can jump, just like you and I did for Coach Campbell in the Bradley Middle School gym (wearing those horrid polyester green shorts), but how these guys perform in this one weekend could make or break their football careers.

I hated PE class. I was awful at auditions. Man, I feel for these guys.


Now, the NFL Combine isn't the only determining factor for Draft Day (coming to a TV near you on April 28), but it is an important step. It is a way to get seen by a bunch of teams, to show what you can do, though there's no real connection between how well you perform at the NFL Combine and how good your NFL career will be.

But it's one of those things that keeps on keepin' on and it's going on this weekend. These dudes are getting weighed and measured and X-rayed -- geez, when I was auditioning, I had my stats (5'4", brown eyes, hat size 7) on my resume, but I didn't have to step on the scale in front of the director.

Beyond the running around cones and medical exams, these young guns have to take a test. The Wonderlic test. Supposed to measure intelligence and quick decision-making abilities. Fifty questions in 12 minutes. Lordy, lordy, at least I didn't need a No. 2 pencil for my auditions. Good luck, guys!

What college players do you want to see play in the NFL?


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