Marine Corps Marathon Isn't Just for Marines

MCMThe Marine Corps Marathon registration opens today at noon! This is very exciting news for people who like pain. The marathon, which will take place in Arlington, Virginia and Washington, D.C. on October 30, 2011, is called the "People's Marathon" because anyone over 14 years old is welcome to run. No qualifying times or fancy race pedigree needed. Just register, pay, and run.

Last year, over 21,000 crazy people runners took to the streets to pound their knees 26.2 miles through our nation's capital. This is your year! I'm not insane enough to try it, but you might be. Sign up today and you'll have seven months to train. You can totally do it. I'll cheer you on and carbo load with you like a champ. There are about 30,000 spots in the race -- claim yours today! Here's how.


At noon today, February 23, registration is open to the public. Head to and follow the easy steps to sign up and pay. The cost is around $88, which includes a running bib that has a chip to track your speed, a t-shirt, three-month subscription to Runner's World magazine, and the ubiquitous goodie bag. All that's left for you then is to, like, run. A lot.

Actually, you could walk it if you wanted to. Participants must maintain a speed no slower than 14 minutes a mile, which I feel like even I could do. Best part is, if you can't maintain that speed, there's a "stragglers bus" that will take you to the finish line. Score! I wonder if they serve donuts on that bus. I feel like I'd want one right about then.

Speaking of rewards, no cash prizes are handed out but runners can have their photo taken by MarathonFoto in front of the Marine Corps War Memorial once they've crossed the line to commemorate their athletic achievements. 

This really is an event for everyone -- there will be tons of fun things to do that weekend around D.C. so even if you don't want to run, think about going to the People's Marathon just for the experience. At the very least -- free little cups of water!

Are you considering signing up for the MCM?

Photo via JoshBerglund19/Flickr

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