Slam Dunk Contest 2011 Video Will Cause Broken Ankles (VIDEO)

Blake GriffinIt's the NBA All-Star weekend and the best part (besides the popcorn and beer) is when hot young men jump really high, twirl in the air, and redefine physics. Buckle your seat belt because the Slam Dunk Contest 2011 video will rev up your engine, so to speak. Blake Griffin, dunk contest winner over fellow finalist, JaVale McGee, blew everyone away with a leap, catch, and slam over a car. 

That crack you just heard was your son's ankle breaking. And the smash was his foot landing on your side-view mirror.


I was inspired as a kid by Michael Jackson's video for Black or White, and stood on the hood of my baby-sitter's Volvo with a Toys R Us yellow plastic baseball bat. No injuries were sustained, and no windshields were destroyed, but point is kids do stupid things to emulate their idols. You can only prepare by readying ice packs and aces bandages.

Blake Griffin explains:

It was actually my idea to use the car. When they first came to me with the dunk contest, they said there were no rules. So I said, ‘I can dunk over a car?’ They said yes. I figured then that I had to do it.

That's how it starts ... an outrageous idea is planted, and by the code of the playground of life, the idea must be executed lest the person look like a chump. And boy did Griffin ever avoid chumpdum. The dunk was awesome, in the truest sense of the word. It was such a relief that he made it ... not only to us viewers, but to L.A. Clippers coach, Vinny Del Negro. Had Griffin injured himself during this stunt, I think Del Negro would've jumped off a building. Griffin is his franchise.

Who knows how to top this car dunk? Next year we'll likely see a plane, or a boat, or Justin Bieber. I'd like to see Bieber just stand there between the foul line and the basket, and have Griffin jump over the Biebs. And if Justin gets kicked in the face a few times, meh, there are ice packs and ace bandages standing by.

The actual All-Star game is tonight at 8pm on TNT.

What did you think of the Slam Dunk Contest?

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