Jet Packs Are Real! This One Made For Use On Skis

snowGrowing up, I remember being really excited about the flying cars and jet packs I was going to have when I was older. Man! It was going to be fun just getting around! What a welcomed change it would from the traffic my parents endured on the way to soccer practice, and their complaining which I endured on the way to soccer practice.

We were all supposed to buzz to and fro with personal turbo packs and wear red helmets with lightening bolts on the side. I'm so sick of using my legs to move.

Luckily there's a guy in Russia who feels me. Sergei Khvalin created jet pack of sorts to be worn while on cross-country skis. Atta boy! Now we're talking.


Sergei threw together a 200cc lawnmower engine, a hand-made propeller and some para-glider parts to make this backpack that can send him gliding across the snow at speeds up to 25 MPH.

First, love that he has spare para-glider parts. Who is he, the Bear Grylls of Russia? I'm curious what other stuff he has in his garage. Sabertooth tiger fossils? The Dead Sea Scrolls? I really feel like the sky's the limit. Regardless of his pack rat habits, I'm so happy he chose to make this. It looks super fun.

It's about time someone delivered on the promises made in Back to the Future and the Jetsons. The only draw back is that it weighs 34 pounds. I'm not really worried though because this is just the beginning. The Zach Morris cell phone from the 80s evolved into an iPhone, so I have high hopes for this thing.

Smart people might buy some stock in the company that makes para-glider parts. Or invest in Sergei. OR invest the company that makes roller blades. See where I'm going with this? If we can't use the pack yet to take flight, maybe we could use them to power us over concrete ...

How psyched would you be if we could use jet packs?

Photo via ex_magician/Flick

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