Watch Cricket World Cup 2011 Online To Feel Fancy

CricketGet out your whites and put on your best British or Indian accent because it's Cricket World Cup 2011! The tournament starts today and you can catch all the action on Willow TV.  The first match, India vs. Bangladesh is live streaming Saturday morning, and you can track scores using live cricket links. I'm sure a lot of India cricket fans here in the USA are thankful for free cricket streaming. Thanks, Interwebs!

While the sport is not popular in the States, any sports fan can appreciate the coming together of the best teams to compete in a World Cup. This year, the competitions are taking place in stadiums throughout India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh.

Not sure what all the excitement is about, but want to be in the know so you can impress your friends with your worldly sports knowledge? Here's what's up.


There are 14 cricket teams competing for the top prize equivalent to $3 million US dollars. Usually the favorite to win is India or Australia, but people are keeping an eye on South Africa this Cup -- they've been looking strong and dare I say, sexy. Pakistan could be the dark horse and the West Indian team could surprise everyone.

There will be 49 matches played between today, February 19th, and April 2nd. Some matches, as I'm sure you've heard because it is possibly the most well-known fact about cricket, can last for days.

If you've never seen a cricket match, it's worth a look. I once spent a lovely afternoon in Malta observing a cricket match -- I found it interesting to not only learn about a sport that's as foreign to most Americans as Snooki is to Indians, but to sense the tradition and the love for the game. It's similar to baseball in that way. Also similar in that there's a bat and ball and two teams compete to score runs and play is divided into innings. Cricket dates back to the 16th C. though, so it kinda dwarfs baseball in terms of history.

So grab yourself a cup of tea, watch a little World Cup cricket and feel self-righteous for being so international and sophisticated, then rub it in your friends' faces. You can't watch sports without getting competitive, right?

Do you like cricket?

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