Michael Vick Cancels on Oprah: Did Prison Teach Him Nothing?

oprahMichael, Michael, Michael. What were you thinking? Michael Vick was supposed to appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show. He was going to sit down with the Queen of Almost Everything for his first interview since going to jail for running a dogfighting operation and returning to the NFL. Then, mere days before the scheduled chat, he cancelled.

I'm allowing that to sink in for a minute.


Michael Vick cancelled on Oprah! Called her and said, "Yeah, sorry, can't make it after all." Let's hope he didn't use Marsha Brady's "Something suddenly just came up" lame-o line.

Has he suffered one too many hits on the field? Has he gone totally bonkers?

This is huge for so many reasons.

Oprah had wanted this interview for a long time. What Oprah wants, she usually gets. And she had this. And now, she doesn't. That's gonna make one unhappy Oprah. She knows everyone, including the president and probably world leaders. She has her own network. She has $2.7 billion at her disposal. To say she has the power to make your life hell is the understatement of the century, Michael.

Not only did she want this interview, she bet that she'd get this interview. With buddy Piers Morgan over on CNN. They bet 200 pounds on who would get to talk to you first, Michael. She won it, but now, she's going to have to give that money back. Granted, it's chump change to her, but she lost her bragging rights. Oprah doesn't like to lose.

Why did he cancel? Did the Eagles encourage him to pull out? Did he get cold feet? Oprah is a tough interviewer and a huge dog lover. Maybe there would be dog owners in the audience who feel he shouldn't have gotten a second chance. Who knows, but he's gonna have to figure out some way to recover from the fall-out from this chit-chat bail-out.

I know I'm looking forward to see how this unfolds on Season 25: Oprah Behind the Scenes, which has cameras following Oprah and her show this year. You know this was gonna be a big one, you know they've been covering it, you know they had cameras rolling when they got the "Sorry, I have to shampoo my hair" call from Michael.

Yeah, I don't think we've heard or seen the last about this interview. I've got my popcorn ready.

Why do you think Michael Vick cancelled on Oprah?


Image via nayrb7/Flickr

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