OJ Simpson Beaten in Prison: Why Are We So Happy?

oj simpsonO.J. Simpson was reportedly beaten to a pulp (get it?) by fellow inmates at the Nevada jail where he's serving time for his Las Vegas robbery and kidnapping charges.

The National Enquirer said yesterday that the Juice was attacked by a "skinhead" who knocked him to the ground and beat him unconscious, sending O.J. to recover in the infirmary for three weeks.

The paper goes on to say that the prison has been trying to keep the scuffle a secret, and that O.J. is afraid to leave his cell.

If this story sounds familiar, it's because you've heard it before.


The same one circulated back in 2009. USA Today talked to the prison guard at the Nevada jail this time around who said that the O.J.-beaten story is "totally bogus" and that they had a good laugh over it.

I'm not sure if O.J. is laughing, especially if there is one iota of truth to the story, but you never know. The Enquirer insists that O.J. has been a target in prison and is fearful he won't get out alive.

O.J. has been in trouble with the law starting with a domestic violence charge filed in 1989. Then of course the acquittal because the glove didn't fit, the wrongful death civil trial, tax evasion, drug possession, and then the latest robbery, kidnapping, and conspiracy charges that followed after he stole sports memorabilia from a Las Vegas hotel and casino.

Why is it that we're so fascinated with what happens to the Juice in prison? So much so that recycled stories about him being attacked in prison conjure the same amount of public interest. I'm not sure if it's because we're glad or sad to hear that he was attacked. Do most of us feel he's somehow deserving of anything he gets? His case has been polarizing, no doubt, so which is it? Glad or sad?

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