Jordan McCabe Dribbles His Way Into Our Hearts (VIDEO)

jordan mccabeIf your 12-year-old is on the couch right now playing video games, show him this video. Show him what he could be doing with a little practice and a little heart. Jordon McCabe, a Seattle-area eighth grader, has got some mad skills with the basketball, yo.

This little guy is so good that he's performed during halftime at a University of Washington game, and at a Seattle Seahawks team meeting. (I wish my meetings came with entertaining pre-teens.)

But Jordon was thrust into the national spotlight when he was invited to the ESPN studios to dazzle the office with his skillz.


It's hard to tell what kind of basketball career Jordan will have, but with the right coaches and a growth-spurt of a foot and a half, this kid could go far. Maybe all the way to Durham, North Carolina. With Duke's penchant for plucky out-of-state point guards with great ball-handling skills and no hope of ever entering the NBA, Jordan might have a shot.

And now I automatically hate Jordan because in my mind he's already going to Duke and will average 7 points a game with 9 assists. And that will not be good for the Tar Heels.

Anyway, watch the full-length video of Jordan's mind-boggling dribbling when he was featured on his local news channel, or below on YouTube. If you're a savvy ESPN watcher, you'll notice Jordan dribbles on by Bob Ley, host of Outside the Lines.

Photo via YouTube

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