Tiger Woods Spitting Incident Isn't What Makes Him Disgusting (VIDEO)

Tiger Woods just can't win. Not only because he's been stuck in the longest victory drought of his career (15 months!), but because he's now being fined for spitting at yesterday's Omega Dubai Desert Classic.

After missing a par putt, he spit on the 12th green. In response, Sky Sports commentator Ewen Murray said on-air:

Disgusting, what he has just done there ... You look at his work ethics and he is a credit to the game and an inspiration to all of those who are trying to become professional golfers. There are some parts of him that are just arrogant and petulant. Somebody now has to come behind him and maybe putt over his spit. It does not get much lower than that.


Actually, it does. I think we can all agree that Tiger has definitely taken part in some behaviors that are much "lower" than spitting in a moment of frustration in the open air while playing a sport. In general, the act of spitting is nasty, tacky, and classless, but isn't it a minor offense compared to being a total sex addict cheating DIRTBAG?

Furthermore -- isn't spitting also kind of accepted in most sports? Maybe it's a little less common in the prim, preppy, and proper world of golf, but I know it happens regularly in hockey and in baseball without question.

Interestingly, it seems that in golf, spitting could be the karmic equivalent to shooting yourself in the foot? A little trivia for ya: Woods played his final round with Sergio Garcia, who four years ago spit into a hole during a world championship and everyone was so mad they couldn't see straight! Fast forward to today, and Garcia has gone even longer than Woods without a win -- 28 months -- and also slumped to a closing 75.

Karma-related or not, it seems like if that happened to Garcia, Tiger should have known better. And one thing I have to agree with Ewen Murray on is that, well, at least judging from his other behaviors, Tiger seems pretty damn arrogant. But all this brouhaha over spitting is still a wee bit ridiculous, no?

Nonetheless, the European Tour said in a statement today:

Tournament director Mike Stewart has reviewed the incident and feels there has been a breach of the tour code of conduct and consequently Tiger Woods will be fined.

No one knows how much he's going to have to cough up for spitting up, but I guess the funds will go to ... keeping the greens at future tournaments pristine and phlegm-free? Kinda crazy, if you ask me!

Check out the video footage of the "incident" and then tell us: Do you think Tiger should be fined for spitting on the 12th green?



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