Brett Favre Says No 'DWTS,' But What's Next?

brett farveMove over Anton Ohno. Step aside Warren Sapp. There's a new dancing fool in town with mega-sport cred.

Rumors were flying about that thing called the Internet all day with reports that Brett Favre was going to be on next season's Dancing With the Stars.

But, alas, that's all they were -- rumors.


So, Brett's not going to follow in the footsteps of Emmitt Smith, Kurt Warner, or other former pro footballers. He will not don dancing shoes and do the cha-cha. Bruno Tonioli won't get to draw out his name -- "Brehhhhht" -- and judge his extensions.

But, it got me thinking: What's Number 4 going to do when he's retired? Okay, so he's said he's retired before ... and then didn't. In case he does really retire this time, he's got to fill his time somehow. Forget becoming a sports commentator, I've got better ideas.

Start a Book Club
I am sure during the 19 years he played football, he didn't get much time to read. He was too busy studying plays, reviewing films, playing with his camera phone, and so on. No longer on the road, no longer in training, he'll have plenty of time to finish the books he picks. Plus, didn't know if you've heard, but Oprah, the Queen of Book Clubs, is also retiring. Someone will need to fill that void -- who better than our man Brett!

Try Gardening
My dad is a big gardener. He loves puttering around the petunias. They say it is very therapeutic, which Brett may need for a few years to adjust to this new life. He'll be outdoors in his Wrangler jeans (he was a spokesman for them), communing with nature, perhaps riding a Snapper lawn mower (he was a spokesman for that, too). Maybe he can plant some mini bonsai trees (I don't think they have a spokesman ... yet). Those seem to really bring joy to another retired athlete: Mr. Miyagi in the Karate Kid movies.

Learn Chess
Or some other new game. Become an expert at something new. Like this former NBA player, Todd MacCulloch. He retired and went on to become a master (wait for it) pinball player. You can, too, Brett. I think chess, with the strategy involved, could be your next calling. Watch out, here comes Grandmaster Brett!

Rethink Dancing With the Stars
Really. What better way to start your retirement (and make everyone forget those nasty sexting stories) than to let Tom Bergeron make fun of you? This is something America loves. You get into tight pants, learn some moves, and then see how you scored. Hmm ... sounds a lot like football to me.

Do you think Brett Favre should compete on Dancing With the Stars?


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