Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer Invented for Those With Good Eyesight & Kids

sony dashWhen I first read about the Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer, two things came to mind. One, who's getting fired for letting that terrible product name actually fly, and two, how is the Dash going to rival the iPad?

While my first question may never be answered, reviews out on the Dash have solved the second conundrum: it doesn't come close to the iPad. Maybe that's why it's a helluva lot cheaper.

At $199, it seems to me that this Sony 'Personal Internet Viewer' (gosh, I really hate that name!) was invented for two kinds of people: those with great eyesight (the screen is only seven inches big) and those under 13 years old (there's no Internet browser).

Let's talk this out.


The Dash is small. Super small. Like the size of my clock-radio-small. (Funny, because it can actually function as an alarm clock, so go ahead, use it as one.) It's got an LCD touchscreen that will keep you connected to the Internet at all times -- granted there's wireless access. I don't know about you, but with my aging peepers, I'm not interested in watching YouTube videos or movies from Netflix on a seven-inch screen. Too small. It'd be fine for Internet radio, though.

The Dash is good for the youngins because it doesn't have an Internet browser.

"What? The 'personal Internet viewer' doesn't have an Internet browser?"

Correct. There are over 1,000 apps for the Dash, but there isn't a built-in browser, meaning you can't surf the web, you can only go to sites with dedicated apps. While that sounds super annoying, this feature, or rather, non-feature, makes the Dash good for kids. There's less risk of them coming across something they shouldn't on the Internet when there's no browser, unless there's a porn app, in which case humankind is in trouble, not just the kiddies.

What do you think of Sony's Dash Personal Internet Viewer?

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