The iPhone Nano Threat Is Real!

iPhone NanoAs if you haven't heard enough Apple rumors recently, I'm here to throw you just one more. First, there was talk about the new features on the iPad 2. And yesterday the blogosphere was abuzz with rumors on the fall release of the iPad 3. And today, the latest squeeze from the geniuses at Apple: the iPhone Nano.

Bloomberg reports today that Apple is working on a cheaper, smaller version of the iPhone, aimed at slowing the advance of competing models based off of Google's Android software.

It's official -- Apple is attempting world domination!


At first, Apple was simply known for releasing wonderful products. There's no denying that the Apple iMac is significantly faster and more reliable than most other desktop computers, and that a computer without viruses is a computer for the people. In terms of MP3 players, the iPod products have transformed into the social norm, leaving all other MP3 devices in the dust. For the most part, it seems as if many of the simple things in life have been made better by the quality that Apple ensures.

But now, we're continuously hearing about the competitive nature at Apple. After news of the new HP TouchPad, a tablet meant to rival the iPad, rumors flew around about a quick "surprise" release for the iPad 3 this fall -- even though the iPad 2 has yet to hit shelves. And now we have this news of the iPhone Nano, competing with the Google Android. I don't know about you, but it looks like Apple isn't willing to share the tech market. In fact, they'd rather conquer the competition with an iron fist, cover all of their bases by continually updating their revenue, and come out on top.

So what's this iPhone Nano buzz? Well, the bite-sized iPhone would sell for about $200, taking into consideration that all components are smaller. And the best part? Users will not have to sign a two-year service contract. The prototype is reportedly one-third smaller than the iPhone 4, with no home button.

Is Apple getting to be a little ridiculous? I don't think so. When it comes to functionality, one of the reasons that I stayed away from the iPhone at first (I'm currently BlackBerry obsessed) is because it was simply too large. The idea of a smaller iPhone is intriguing and seems a bit more accessible for the day-to-day, especially for a person who is using it for its main purpose -- a cell phone. By diversifying their product line, Apple is appealing to a greater number of customers. Just because Apple is good at what they do, aka making a reliable products, it doesn't mean they're being tech meanies. I say keep the rumors, and the products, coming!

Do you think Apple is being a little aggressive? Would you get the iPhone Nano?

Image via Robert Scoble/Flickr

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